INX Software is Australia’s leading provider of software that is specifically designed to meet the risk, compliance, workforce management, environment, training and reporting needs of large, complex and remote businesses.  

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Product Roadmap

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Roadmaps detail important and strategic items planning for the short, medium and long term. They do not include small and minor enhancements or bug fixes that are considered “business as usual” workload, that will continue to be regularly delivered to clients.

About roadmaps

These are visioning changes and anticipated work that may be affected by factors including company strategy, market factors, and other product opportunities.


These are proposed changes for the next half year and are still in planning phase.  They are likely to be delivered but scope and inclusion is subject to change.

These are approved changes and being actively delivered in the current and next quarter. They are highly likely to be delivered to completion in the short-term.

Data platform

Workforce management

Workplace health,
safety & compliance

Environment &
obligation management

Contractor & visitor management


Resilient, remote operations

Our system

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