Protecting people & planet

INX Software is Australia’s leading provider of software that is specifically designed to meet the risk, compliance, workforce management, environment, training and reporting needs of large, complex and remote businesses.  

Software for your people
and our planet

"We have reached an inflection point as a company, with our internal transformation program and a number of strategic acquisitions unlocking the growth we are now seeing."
"Our technology supports our clients to get their people safely to and from work, manage the risk when they are there, and ensure that the right people have the right training to access different areas or operations..”
“Businesses choose INX because we have the discussion, we take the call, we listen to their goals and we put our clients first.” 

Luke is a strategic and commercial-minded leader who is passionate about building high-performing teams, with global finance, operations, transformation and M&A experience. His approach to management enables INX to develop new products and reinvest in our existing suite, to better serve our clients.

Luke Disbury

Chief Financial Officer

Matt is an innovative and transformational technology leader with experience in building high performing engineering teams across multiple industries. 

At INX Software, Matt ensures our solutions are designed to meet the risk, compliance, workforce management, training and reporting needs of large, complex and remote businesses. 

Matt Faries

Chief Technology Officer
We are a purpose-led company, committed to enabling our clients to better protect their people and the planet.”

With more than 20 years of experience in business, marketing, business development and communications, Jaimie has built an international career helping businesses understand their market and put purpose into practice.

Jaimie is passionate about the client experience, which sits at the centre of INX Software’s operations, prioritising effective account management and client care.   

Jaimie Godden

Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Marcus has a passion for leading companies and teams through significant growth and change, and is motivated by the application of highly innovative technology to deliver successful outcomes for clients and all stakeholders involved.  

At INX Software, Marcus works alongside our major global clients to define their business needs and address challenges with intuitive software.  

Marcus Ashby

Chief Executive Officer

Meet our leadership team  


We were proud to launch our flagship environmental product, INX Preserve — intelligent software built for complex environments to help clients monitor, track and predict their environmental impact. We also expanded our cloud data offerings through INX Cortex and continue to enhance our cornerstone products.  

Advancing sustainability

 Our portfolio of technology solutions, built up over two decades, supports the effective performance of some of the most complex, large and remote operations in the world. We are proud of what we have been able to
achieve and excited to work alongside our clients co-designing solutions that help them protect their people and the planet. 


Into the future 


As we celebrated nearly 20 years as a leading Australian software provider, INX Software relaunched its brand, ensuring it aligned with our innovative, modern, and client-centric business ethos. We unveiled our new brand and positioning Australia’s largest and most influential mining event, IMARC, to 8,000 delegates from more than 110 countries.


A brand built on innovation 


In 2021 we were able to offer two additional products to clients, with the acquisition of INX Sitepass, which provides best-practice contractor, visitor and site management, and the launch of INX Assessor, helping companies digitise their field assessment process.  


Intelligent solutions

The pandemic demonstrated the importance of workforce management, health and safety software to operation continuity. We worked with clients to ensure they could protect their people. We also acquired Vix Resources and its leading product INX SAM Suite, which has become instrumental in the mobilisation and management of large remote workforces. 


Helping clients keep their businesses moving 

2003 - 2017

INX Software was founded in Perth, Western Australia
by Garry Back, with two initial software solutions focused on safety and workforce management – INX InControl
and InFlight.  

Over more than a decade, we built up a suite of software solutions responding to the compliance, workforce management, training and reporting needs of our clients. 

Over a decade of growth


On the back of substantial growth, and with a client portfolio that included leading Australian companies, we looked to scale and develop our suite.  

We were delighted to welcome investment from Australasian diversified alternative asset investment firm Tanarra, which gave us the strategic direction and capacity to develop our portfolio. 


Fuelling our expansion

In a world where our clients face additional regulation, compliance obligations and challenges in workforce management, we are there at their side, helping them protect their people and the planet through innovative, job-ready solutions.

Technology that keeps business moving 

2003 – 2017 

A proven, trusted and client-centric business, we help our clients protect their people and the planet, with a suite of software products used by some of the world’s biggest companies.  

We specialise in solutions for complex sectors including mining, oil & gas, government, health, engineering & construction, energy & utilities, manufacturing and transport.  

Over 20 years, we have built a portfolio of technology solutions that are critical to the day-to-day operations and compliance of our clients, from management of site access to mobilisation of remote workforces, to monitoring and reporting on environmental performance.  

Intelligent and
responsive software